高校生が企画するレギュラーラジオ番組「高校生○○開花」 | High school students planning a regular radio program, "High School Students XX Bloomers".

高校生ならではの視点で地域社会変革のアイデアを掘り下げる!DXfromKUMAMOTOつながりを科学する座談会」からスピンオフしたラジオ番組です | We will explore ideas for community transformation from the unique perspective of high school students!  A radio program spun off from the "Roundtable Discussion on the Science of Connection" organized by DXfromKUMAMOTO

番組概要 | Overview of the Radio Program




番組名 「高校生○○開花」・・・熊本シティエフエムにて毎月第2金曜日13時30分から30分間放送(校区のチカラのコーナーとして放送)

番組名の意味 異なるバックグラウンドや強味を持つ高校生が、月1回だけ会うという弱いつながりを駆使して、地域社会に存在する多様な問題を解決に導くアイデア(=○○)を検討し実現に向けて語り合う(=開花)番組であることから



Yuri  Ayumu Kai Toma Yuna Moe Yuuri Himeka Ria Yoshiaki Reno

高智穂さくら  水野直樹

高校生メンバーを広く募集しています。詳しくは運営スタッフまで 内藤(電話 090-9602-2967 / メール naito@scblab.jp)



Build and operate an innovation human resource development platform by establishing and sustaining groups that aim to develop planning, execution, and evaluation skills through the creation of innovation-creating radio programs and the operation of human resource development events by young people, using weak connections.

Contents of the program

Program name "High School Students XX Bloomers": Broadcasted on Kumamoto City FM every second Friday of the month from 1:30 p.m. for 30 minutes (as a corner of "Kouku-no-Chikara: The Power of School District").

Meaning of the program name: High school students with different backgrounds and strengths meet only once a month, making full use of their weak ties to discuss and realize (= bloom) ideas that will lead to solutions to various problems that exist in the local community (=XX.)

Performers & Planners

Shingo Hoshiai (Representative of Aigo / former captain of the Waseda University Go Club / former "1st place" of the 10 outstanding student Go players / former strongest student player / 58th and 60th All Japan University Go Champions)

Yuri Ayumu Kai Toma Yuna Moe Yuuri Himeka Ria

Sakura Takachiho Naoki Mizuno

We are looking for high school students to join us. For more information, please contact our management staff.

 Naito(Telephone 090-9602-2967 / E-mail naito@scblab.jp)

Our rules of engagement

番組内容紹介 | Program Contents

5回放送「高校生eスポーツ開花!」 | Program #5 "High School eSports Bloomers!" on June 14, 2024


4回放送「高校生eスポーツ開花」 | Program #4 "High School eSports Bloomers!" on May 10, 2024






eSports is currently enjoying a lot of excitement, including the Olympic Games and professional teams. Kumamoto National College of Technology wants to do something to solve Kumamoto's problems using eSports, which we love...! This broadcast was titled "High School Students e-Sports Bloomers!" and we sent a message about solutions to local issues using eSports. We discussed Kumamoto's issues from the perspective of high school students and came up with many interesting ideas!

Text by Yoshiaki Iwamoto

3回放送「高校生ネツリョウ開花!」 | Program #3 "High Schoolers' Passion is Blooming!" on April 12, 2024









High school students, the passion blooms!

Continuing from the previous issue, three high school sophomores talked about their passions regarding "makeup" and "planaria."

Now, makeup has nothing to do with gender! Okay, I'll try it on Hoshiai-san next time lol.

At first glance, there seems to be no relationship between the three high school students' likes and dislikes, but it seems that a new combination that will lead to innovations such as makeup x planaria = cosmetics that regenerate the skin... ♥

The high school students who are trying to push forward are very sparkling as they talk!

Now, what is the passion that these high school students talk about?

I will do my best to convey something that the audience will be glad to hear!

Text by Moe Asano

2回放送「自己紹介」 | Program #2 "Self-Introduction" on March 08, 2024


Self-introductions by members.

第1回放送「番組タイトルについて」 | Program #1 "How we named this." on Feb. 09, 2024


We talked about why we named our radio program "High School Studs XX Bloomers."