SpoontainableとのSDGs 環境プロジェクト | SDGs Eco Project with Spoontainable

プロジェクトの背景 | Overview of our Project

We were touched by Ms. Merve's words.


F.I.Y. members participated in the Sustainability Festival 2022 held in Heidelberg as a project of the Kumamoto City Board of Education. During the festival, we talked with Ms. Merve of Spoontainable, a startup company established in Heidelberg that makes edible cutlery out of cacao nut shells with the goal of reducing the amount of plastics in the world. We have learned from Mr. Merve the importance of "honestly tackling what we think is necessary for society" and "the importance of having friends and supporters who can unite our thoughts", and we are starting to think about what we can do to achieve the SDGs with our friends and supporters. We will announce a draft plan when details are finalized!

A package ready to fly to Kumamoto, Japan


Picture: Ms. Julia (one of the Spoontainable's founders), Spoonie and a package ready for flying to Kumamoto, Japan. 

F.I.Y.の必由館高校生が環境にやさしいスプーン「スプーニー」をプロモーション | Hitsuyukan High School students, members of F.I.Y., promote "Spoonie," an environmentally friendly spoon.

いつ?どこで? | When? Where?


On February 11, 2023 (Sat.) at 13:00, a symposium themed "SDGs in Practice as a Fair Trade City" was held at Civic Hall on the 2nd floor of Kumamoto Castle Hall to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Friendship City Agreement between Kumamoto City and Heidelberg City.


動画 日本語ドイツ語

Mayor Onishi of Kumamoto City and Mayor Würzner of Heidelberg City gave keynote speeches about sustainability (SDGs).

YouTube JapaneseDeutsche

どんなことをやったの? | How and What?


After the keynote speeches by both mayors, a message and dance video created by the Hitsuyukan High School Dance Circle (F.I.Y.) was shown to thank the citizens of Heidelberg for their generosity and support during the earthquake disaster.


The banner was also raised to wish for the future development of SDG activities in both cities and to show F.I.Y.'s commitment to the collaboration project with Spoontainable and the dance exchange project that will be promoted from now on.

さらには! | And more!


After the symposium, members of the Hitsuyukan High School Dance Circle took a commemorative photo with Mayor Würzner of Heidelberg and Mayor Onishi of Kumamoto City. Mayor Onishi holds a Spoontainable Spoonie in his hand. The both mayors were informed that Mr. Sonoda, the representative of F.I.Y. (a student of Kumamoto University), will compose the theme song and the Hitsuyukan High School Dance Circle will choreograph and create the theme dance to promote this sustainable spoon in Kumamoto, Japan.