SDGs QUESTみらい甲子園熊本大会で肥後銀行賞受賞 | Received Higo Bank Prize at SDGs QUEST Mirai Koshien Kumamoto Competition

SDGs QUESTみらい甲子園熊本大会について | Overview of SDGs QUEST Mirai Koshien Kumamoto Competition

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SDGs QUESTみらい甲子園とは,高校生がチームで社会課題解決のアクションアイデアを考えるコンテストです。2019年から2022年までに総勢5000人以上の高校生が参加し,全国開催エリアでチームを組み、主体的にSDGsを探究し、様々なアクションアイデアを創出・発表・表彰してきました.各エリアごとに自治体,教育機関,地域メディア,企業,団体の産官民協働によりパートナーシップを形成して運営されています.

SDG QUEST Mirai Koshien is a contest in which high school students work in teams to come up with action ideas for solving social issues. The contest has been held in all areas of the country. In each area, industry-government-private sector partnerships have been formed among local governments, educational institutions, local media, companies, and organizations to run the contest.


This year's Kumamoto competition was attended by 103 high school students in 30 teams, who faced the challenges unique to Kumamoto and proposed ideas to achieve the SDGs.

高校生メンバーが肥後銀行賞を受賞 | High School Student Members Awarded Higo Bank Prize


Two F.I.Y. high school members, sophomores from Yatsushiro High School, made a presentation titled "Aiming for a Plastic-free Society with Edible Spoons" at the Kumamoto Prefectural Theater Performance Hall on March 18, 2023, and were awarded the Higo Bank Prize.  They were selected as one of 12 finalists out of 130 proposals submitted to the Kumamoto Competition, and winning the award is a great accomplishment.

発表スライド | Presentation slide


We will work with Spoontainable, a start-up company in Heidelberg, Germany, to bring our ideas to realization.


The article was published in the morning edition of Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun dated March 31, 2023.